Part of being an industry expert is sharing information, innovations and lessons learned with customers and the entire construction industry. With this in mind, we’ve gathered our project highlights, brochures, primers, flyers, and our blog in one location to help keep the lines of communication open across our industry.

Government Facility

Turnkey solution saves energy

Performance Contract

steam decentralization & HVAC Replacement


vacuum pump and deaerator upgrade

Project Highlights

Analyzing past projects and growing from lessons learned are two of the ways McKenney’s stays focused on self-improvement and innovation. To share what we’ve learned, we’ve developed project highlights and case studies for our featured projects. These expand on the scope of work we completed on each project, giving customers a greater in-sight into what we do.


Automation & Control

enhance building performance

Building Services

enhancing uptime & Efficiency


Engineering & Construction

Energy Services

driving efficiency & sustainability

Brochures & Primers

As a single-source provider of services throughout the life of a building—from Design, Build, Manage and Maintain—sharing our full line of services can be challenging. To make it easier, we’ve developed brochures & primers to give customers an in-depth breakdown of all we have to offer to help make their projects successes.

Building Performance Solutions


In addition to services and groupings, McKenney’s also offers stand-alone offerings that can take your project to the next level. We’ve created flyers to get the word out about these offerings and show how, with just one offering, we can help your facility succeed no matter what stage it’s in—Design, Build, Manage or Maintain.


building performance solutions


Being an industry expert means sharing information, innovations and lessons learned—and that’s exactly what our blog is all about. Our goal is to bring you industry insights and company updates from all areas of our business—from BIM and construction technology to building services to energy. Check out our Building Performance Solutions blog to find out the latest and greatest industry information and how our team can help you reduce risk on your next ESPC project.